Communications solutions for climate, cities and forests


Groundwork Strategies focuses on four core service offerings: Strategy, message, media and project management.
All projects begin with strategy. Whatever the communications effort, it is important to answer a few key questions upfront: What are our goals? Who do we need to engage? What are the messages we need to convey? How will we know if we’re successful? Groundwork Strategies offers the following types of strategy work:
  • Strategic planning
  • Vision, mission and goal development
  • Communications strategy
  • Work plan development
Message Development
The best-laid plans can fall flat if messages don’t connect. Distilling complex, technical issues into clear, compelling points is a combination of art and science. And even the most creative messages may not resonate with the target audiences, so message testing is always useful. Groundwork Strategies offers the following types of message work:
  • Message platform
  • Focus and discussion group facilitation
  • Case for support
  • Brochure and website content
With the media world in flux and the need to reach target audiences still high, opportunities abound if you look in the right places. Luckily, good stories, strong preparation, and follow-through still matter. Groundwork Strategies offers the following types of media work:
  • Media strategy
  • Media and message training
  • Message and pitch development
  • Media outreach and tracking
  • Op-ed writing and placement
Project Management
Good project management engages the right people at the right time to achieve outcomes that last. By translating vision into reality and building ownership for the resulting product, strong project management can make the difference between impact and the status quo. Groundwork Strategies works with technical developers – website designers, film directors and graphic designers – to offer the following types of project management work:
  • Web site production and RFP development
  • Film and video production
  • Brochure and annual report development